Game Submission & Rise of Code

Dear Finalists,

Congratulations for making it to the Finals of NPGCC 2016! Do take note that the deadline for submission of games is 29 August 2016. Please compress (zip up) your game file and send it to Please do note that during our finals, we also have awards for the best booth, best presenter and most popular game.

Please do keep your presentations short, preferably less than a minute long. Please do fill in the template that is attached and submit it as well. Our finals is on 6-Sep-2016 and each school will be able to bring along 8 student supporters. Please do contact me if you have any further queries.


Finalists and non-finalists:

The judges have conveyed their appreciation for the efforts that you have put in for your videos. There another ongoing competition (Rise of Code), using the scratch platform and with the theme on ‘Love and Care’.

The submission deadline for this competition has been extended to 31 Jul 2016. Click here!