The National Primary Game Creation Competition (NPGCC) for Primary 4 to 6 is an annual competition organised by Wellington Primary School, to provide a platform for students in Singapore to showcase their talents and creativity in developing computer games. Last year, 92 teams from 40 schools participated in our competition. Our programme was also featured in the news in 2016: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/pupils-create-computer-games-and-pick-up-financial-literacy.
Since 2013, our theme for NPGCC has been centred on the knowledge of financial literacy. This year, not only do we want to continue promoting and cultivating this vital self-management skill among school children, we would also like them to take a step further by focusing on how money can be used as a tool to develop values.
The slogan for NPGCC 2017 is ‘Financial Wisdom, Entreprenuerial Spirit’. We hope to encourage participants to learn how to make calculated risks in order to take the initiative to pursue their dreams and think in a far-reaching manner while managing the limited resources that they have. They should learn how to maximise the use of resources and be innovative enough to reap the greatest returns for their investment of resources.