Q: If I don’t come for the briefing or training, can I still take part in this competition?

A: Yes. Do look out for how to do so on our school’s website. However, we do encourage you to attend our briefing so that you will know what is new this year. For instance, there is going to be a change in the rubrics this year and we will be explaining the new rubrics to you.

Q: I have not decided whether or not I will be signing my pupils up for this competition. Can I come for the briefing even if that is so?

A: Yes, please do come for the briefing. We look forward to seeing you there.

Q: How many pupils or teams can I sign up for the competition?

A: Each team will have to submit a video each for the semi-finals. As long as they have submitted a video, you can sign as many pupils up as you like.

Q: Can a pupil join more than one team?

A: Yes, a pupil can join more than one team.

Q: Can I have more than 5 members in a team?

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to have more than 5 members in a team. We would encourage each team to consist of 4-5 members.

Q: What software can I use?

A: We have game making categories dedicated to gamemaker, scratch and 3DHive. If you wish to use another software, you can join the open category.

Q: Who are the judges of the competition?

A: The judges are industry experts (in terms of financial literacy, game creation and coding) that we have invited.

Q: Where will the briefing and training be held?

A: All briefing and training will be held at Wellington Primary School. Our finals will be held at the Science Centre.

Q: Do I submit my video to Wellington Primary School?

A: No, all videos will be submitted to our partner, the School of Science and Technology via the instructions that will be posted here when the time comes.

Q: How many pupils can I sign up for the training?

A: Up to 10 pupils per school can sign up for the training.

Q: Can I take part in the competition if I am not representing a school?

A: In order for a pupil to be part of the competition, the pupil will have to be from a local Singaporean primary school.

Q: I have pupils who are in Primary 3. Are they allowed to participate?

A: They are allowed to participate. However, we would highly encourage submissions from pupils who are in Primary 4 or Primary 5.

Q: I have a pupil who was in the competition initially but had to drop out. Can I make replacements to the pupils who join the competition?

A: You can make replacements to the pupils who participate in the competition. Do take note, however, that only five certificates per team will be sent to your school and that there are only five trophies available for team who won.

Q: Where do I get all the updated information and resources for NPGCC?

A:  All updated information will be put up on the NPGCC website (www.npgcc.org) and facebook page. For more specific queries with regards to your teams, please email us at wtps.npgcc@gmail.com.

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