Short Write-Up

11 Aug 2015

Short Write-Up

All teams are to submit a one page write-up on their game along with the game file. These are some of the things you can include in your one page write-up

  • Define the main idea of the game
  • Introduce the setting
  • Describe the main characters/objects  of the game
  • What is the objective of the game, identify and describe the main problem
  • How is the ending of the game; what is the conclusion, how can a player overcome the problem
  • Brief description of the  instructions of the game ; the rules of the game, how many levels, what are the controls used
  • Any outstanding feature of the game

Please submit your one page write-up in word document format, font Arial (size 12).

The write-up and game file are to be put in a folder entitled NPGCC 2015 A Community of Savvy Savers _ (Team Name)_ (School Name). All other graphics necessary for the running of the game are to be included in the folder as well.

Below is the template for the one-page write up.



NPGCC 2015 ‘A Community of Savvy Savers’ Finals

Team Name:

School Name:

Game Write-up: