Notes for Finalist

11 Aug 2015

Notes for Finalist

Event   :           NPGCC 2015 ‘A Community of Savvy Savers’ Finals
Day      :           Tuesday
Date     :           8 September 2015
Time    :           2.00pm – 5.30pm (Fiesta starts at 3pm)
Venue  :           The Marquee, Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Rd
Singapore 609081
GOH     :          Ms Tan Swee Leng
Director, Lifeskills, Lifestyle Division, People’s Association

Best Video Presentation (based on submitted videos during 1st round)
Best Presenter
Best Booth
Most Popular Game
Best Game: 2nd Runner-up , 1st Runner-up, Champion – 3D Hive Category
Best Game: 2nd Runner-up , 1st Runner-up, Champion – Open Category
Best Game: 2nd Runner-up , 1st Runner-up, Champion – Game Maker Category
Best Game: 2nd Runner-up, 1st Runner up, Champion – Scratch Category
Overall Champion

3D Hive
The BlackJacks           Ang Mo Kio Primary School
BVPS Team RICH        Bukit View Primary School
CPS Team 1                Canberra Primary School
Derpling INC.               EtonHouse International School Singapore
EtonHouse Gamers      EtonHouse International School Singapore

Open Category
CPS Savvy Savers      Corporation Primary School
The Creators                Horizon Primary School
The Innovators             Horizon Primary School
Ace Savers                 St Hilda’s Primary School
Savvy Dragon              St Hilda’s Primary School

Game Maker Category
Project SG100             Bukit Panjang Primary School
MGS Girls                   Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
Pr 6 Team                   Tampines Primary School
Incredibles                  Wellington Primary School
KYX                           Yu Neng Primary School

Scratch Category
CitySavers                  Changkat Primary School
Money Street              East Coast Primary School
Water $aver$              Marsiling Primary School
Spy Boys                   Nan Hua Primary School
CT Savers                 Wellington Primary School


  • Every team will be given a 2m width by 2.25m height display panel, 2 classroom size tables, Velcro and a power point for the booth.
  • No lap tops will be provided at the display booths. Teams are to bring their own lap tops if required. Teams are to ensure the safety of their own equipment as the organisers will be not be liable for any missing equipment.
  • Teams are not allowed to use staplers, thumb tacks, nails, or any objects that may dirty or disfigure the display panels. Only the use of Velcro is allowed.
  • Teams are encouraged to display interesting, engaging and creative materials at the booth as there will be judges going around to award marks for Best Booth award during the Fiesta.

(The rubrics on the judging criteria for Best Booth will be attached in appendix)

  • Teams may choose to display relevant texts, graphics or photographs to promote their game. Some examples of the information they may choose to include in their displays are;
    -          how is the game relevant to the theme
    -          how to play the game
    -          how can the game be useful for teaching and learning
    -          why is the game interesting and engaging
  • All teams are to clear their allocated booths by the end of the event before moving off from the venue. Teams are also responsible for disposing their own litter and unwanted materials.


  • Teams are to prepare a short presentation for supporters, guests and judges who are viewing their booths during the Fiesta.
  • Presentation segment is important as judges will be assigned to assess the different presentations and will choose the winner of the Best Presenter award.
  • Teams may decide to present individually, in pairs or as a group. However, judges will look out for an individual presenter who is more outstanding than the rest. Judges will decide on only one winner for this category.

(The rubrics on the judging criteria for Best Presenter will be attached in appendix)

  • Presentation should include a short description of:

-          what is the game about

-          how is the game relevant to the theme

-          how can the game be useful in teaching and learning

-          why is the game interesting and engaging

  • The presentation may also help the teams to garner votes for the Most Popular Game award which is purely based on votes by student supporters.

Most Popular Game

  • Student supporters will be issued with voting chips to allow them to vote for the Most Popular Game.
  • During the Fiesta, supporters may view the different booths before going to the voting booth to vote. One voting chip entitles them to vote for 2 teams.
  • The detailed voting procedure will be briefed during the event.

Matters Pertaining to Participants & Student Supporters

  • Every school is allowed to bring 8 student supporters for the event.
  • All teams will be issued with 15 lanyards at the venue for identification purposes; 5 participants, 8 student supporters and 2 teachers in-charge. Lanyards will be issued upon registration. Please ensure all participants, teachers IC and student supporters put on their lanyard at all times during the event. Organiser will allow access to The Marquee to only those with the lanyard.
  • Teams are to report to the venue at 12pm to setup their booths. Official launching of event starts at 2.30pm. Therefore, booths must be ready and teams must be seated at the allocated seats by 2.15pm.
  • Schools may decide to bring their student supporters along at 12pm or they may choose to send the supporters later. However, do take note that student supporters have to report by 2pm. Please also take note that there will be no other activities from 12pm – 2pm as the time is allocated for teams to setup their booths. Teachers in-charge are to manage the 8 student supporters who are at the venue during this time.
  • Teachers in-charge are to ensure that all students bring their own thermometers for the event. Temperature checks will be done (if necessary) before allowing entrance to the venue. Any students who are sick or medically unfit will be sent home. Teachers in-charge will be required to make the necessary arrangement if students need to be sent home.
  • A first aid post will be made available at the venue for the treatment of minor cuts or to provide first aid assistance when necessary. Teachers in-charge need to ensure and manage the medical condition/ requirement of their own students.
  • A safety briefing will be carried out before the start of the event. All students and teachers in-charge are advised to cooperate with the organisers in case of an emergency evacuation or blackout.
  • Refreshments will be provided for all participants and supporters upon registration. However, all students are encouraged to have their meals before reporting to the venue.
  • All students are to ensure that litters are disposed properly before leaving the venue.
  • All students are advised to bring along water bottles, umbrella/ rain coat and necessary medical requirement
  • Dismissal time for all schools will be staggered to avoid congestion at the pick-up point. Please make the necessary arrangements for pick-up according to the timing given.
5.30pm Eton House International School SingaporeSt Hilda Primary SchoolTampines Primary School

Yu Neng Primary School

East Coast Primary School

Changkat Primary School

5.40pm Ang Mo Kio Primary SchoolCanberra Primary SchoolMarsiling Primary School

Wellington Primary School

5.50pm Horizon Primary SchoolBukit Panjang Primary SchoolMethodist Girls’ School (Primary)
6.00pm Bukit View Primary SchoolCorporation Primary SchoolNan Hua Primary School

How to get there

Science Centre















The Marquee


Rubrics for the different categories

Best Presentation

Best Booth Best Game Awards